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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Student make-up of the week!

Mulain just loo-ved MU-ette Clover's clown face she created in class this week at the fat mu academy....it showed wit, creativity, technical ability and all done in her allocated time frame she was given...well done Clover. MU Virginia has been super happy with all the MU-ettes this week...all showing designing skills ontop of tech side...and all team players which is the best important part. Good luck with your black and white shoots my darlings...Mulain knows you can MU it!

Products used: Ben Nye's Clown White / Kryolan Grease palette (coloured Supra if you go to the Kryolan store to get one)....plus translucent powder to set it...Ben Nye or Kryolan.

M x

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