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Monday, May 23, 2011

Sexy Bronzed Bodies

A little tip for Mulain on a Monday morning....an artist can always carry baby oil in his / her kit ...useful on shoots or events or bridals...cheap quick way of removing make-up in an emergency and also great to add sexy sheen or dripping sweat onto the body...whatever your brief is...baby oil is there for you. In Bronzing / Tanning class today we got a small bowl, foundation brush, baby oil and bronzing powder and mixed it together and then painted it each others arms to get a feel for the look. Decide your ratio of product to oil...and then paint away. You can try gold powder, silver powder...remember you are the artiste...what look are you going for? Lovely effect...beware of clothes / costumes ....be sensible as oil is oil! It can get messy...so just like glitter ...BE CAREFUL while working.

Starting character week tomorrow...Mulain's favourite week!

Caio ...Mulain...

P.S.....Just how hot is Mu-mbai yaar?

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