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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beauty and Salon Magazine May 2011

Mulain was checking out MU Virginia's article in Beauty and Salon Magazine May 2011....tips on Summer skin...which I think you'll agree we all need. How hot is it man? Mon dieu!...I do agree with her too when she writes drink water like it's going out of fashion....keep you and your skin hydrated....keep it all simple...less is more and fresh and clean. Explore suncremes, tinted moisturizers with SPFs...trying mixing your foundation with a moisturizer (creating your own skin tint). Keep your powder compact in your handbag at all times...that t-zone needs regular attention...lips should be lip-balmed or comfortably glossed. Mulain's top tip is head to New Beauty Centre at Khar to invest in Neutrogena's spray-on 30sfp sunprotecter...no mess and so easy to apply. Have fun in the sun but cover up, wear a hat....whatever works for you and your skin...everyone is different.

Caio for now...Mulain x

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