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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Romance is in the air what with the royal wedding around the corner. Not only is there much hype surrounding it but the fashion, hair and make-up world is also abuzz with it.... and so....as romance is typically what's associated with weddings that's what's in fashion nowadays.

What immediately comes to mind is the women of the pre- raphaelite era... ( see images)...with their beautiful pale skins, blushing cheeks and rosebud lips and flowy hair........

How does that translate into make-up today you say? remember the saying love's first blush? well thats typically it... soft and pretty..... beautiful dewy skin..... neutral tones and pastels on eyes.... slight sheens and shimmer for a pretty effect..... blush on the apples of your cheeks and stains on your lips for that lovely rosebud effect.... lots of mascara... possibly even fake individual lashes for that doe eyed look and match with pretty loosely tied romantic hair, with jewels or flowers to accessorize..... lovely and tres tres feminine!
Mulain lo-oves this look!


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