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Friday, April 22, 2011

Body Shop -Lip and Cheek tint

New from The Body Shop comes this lovely new lip and cheek tint that the girls in class have been raving out. A rose coloured gel that goes on the skin to give it a natural looking flush or stain on the lips and adapt to the colour your skin would naturally turn.... so tres naturelle looking... this ones a great buy if you want to look fresh and pretty and like you're naturally born with it.
Not great on very dry( as it can catch and stain/ look patchy) or oily skins( will slide off and not last)...so for all you girls with normal/ combination or reasonably dry skins( not overly)this ones a winner!

Keep in mind you have to work it in reasonably fast as it can dry and look patchy if left.

Alternatives to this are Benetint from Benefit.... a more liquid formula that gives the same effect.

Use one layer or build up on colour with multiple layers depending on effect and intensity required.


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