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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscars 2011

So I think we all agree this years Oscars were a bit blah..... not only the mood, the show but also the general look.
The Oscars are about the best films, actors, technicians but also about fashion... and everyone tunes in not only to see the show, the stars but also what they're wearing and who's style stands out more than others.
This year... the only word that comes to mind is Generic glamour... sure there were a few lovelies... there always are.. but did anyone really put themselves out there to create a statement?Nah!... but even so we've picked a few faves from the lot who we think made an effort... however subtle.

Halle Berry- How beautiful is she?? and dont think she ever ages!! Lovely neutral sophisticated make-up topped with that fabulous rocker hair style .... brown eyeshadow and nude lips - classy chic to complement her cream coloured gown.

Scarlett Johanssen - We love the gal for all the different looks she always manages to carry off so beautifully..... lovely deep fuschia/ pruple lace gown ... topped with gorgeous brown/orange eyeshadow (love the contrast of colours used), beautifully applied to complement the look perfectly...

Mila Kunis- Stunning lavender dress.. that was thankfully not matched with lavender eyeshadow, instead complemented with a beautiful brown eye make-up and a hint of pink on the lips and cheeks... very sexy and pretty at the same time.

Mandy Moore- nude gown, nude make-up, lots of mascara and a popping orangey coral mouth that we loved. Great combo.

Michelle Williams - Love the hair do... the white dress... the almost nude make-up... but love the hint of blue eyeshadow under her lower lashline... subtle but works... keeping in with the theme of 'Blue Valentine' you think??

Anne Hathaway - Last but not least..... not sure about the hosting or all the dresses but she looked especially lovely in her red carpet gown, which was red, with striking red lipstick to match ( good 'ol classic- always a winner!) and red nail colour!

Who were your red carpet faves? Mulain would love to know... so do drop me a line...

M x

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