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Friday, March 11, 2011

The McQueen Magic continues.....

McQueen may be no more but his art, his vision continues to live and inspire us through his talented visionary team behind his brand.

At Paris fashion week for Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 we saw the Mc Queen magic on the runway once again. Fabulous as the collection was, what struck me was the entire concept and in particular the monotone futuristic take on the make-up and the fabulous metal heads( love it!!)... so clever.... and bringing mettalics back as the trend for this winter!

Paled down matte faces where every feature and all definition has been blanked out including the lips, brows and lashes... and all there is , is a hint of mettalic sheen around the eyes and lips in the same tone... a bit of the natural pink of the lips peeping through... and sculpting in the eye sockets and cheekbones......

Fabulous hair... well heads in this case... where metal clips have been arranged all over the heads for a very mettalic futuristic, almost skull cap effect.... and then there's the fabulous nails... not to be missed... black and metal contrasting with the paleness of the skin and faces.... just gorgeous!!!

McQueen you will forever live in our hearts and continue to inspire us! We salute you!!


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