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Friday, March 4, 2011

Ben Nye's Bronzing Body Tint

What a product this truly is, Mulain never ceases to be amazed by this one. In pro class today we worked on tanning / bronzing make-up looks...great class, lots of product mixing and looks created from natural tan to full on glamour bronzing....tried lots of textures and products but all the MU-ettes loved the Body Tint for it's ease of use and it's finish...lovely and light and such a natural finish...great for film work as well as fashion. Pour some into a little bowl and with a small sponge (we like a small round bath one) apply it on the areas you need...work quickly as it dries fast so watch out for tide marks...may take a bit of practice but it's worth it. Also don't forget ears too my friends...can't have a lovely tanned look with pale ears protruding....if in Bombay head to New Beauty Centre to pick some up...for others in our global village try any professional make-up centre. Ben Nye rocks!

Have a great weekend my dears...relax, rejuvenate, recreate, reinvent...you know what to do...M x

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