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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Back to the art room

We're loving all the news and clippings we're getting to see from the Autumn / Winter 2011-2012 shows from London, New York, Paris and Milan..... From metallics, to the sixties being re- visited again, lip colours from nude to darkest.... most of it seems like its being done over and over again with slight variations.... are we running out of ideas??.....
......the answer to that is not quite.... whilst some designers are showcasing the staples , others like Vivienne Westwood, Lousie Gray and Kinder Aggugini are defying them by taking us back to our childhood and straight to the art room.

Splotches of colours, multi coloured dots and squiggly eyelines are some of the looks we are seeing these designers showcase... We LOVE it!... getting downright creative and having fun doing it.

Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with make-up whiz Alex Box ( what a combo!!!) to create the beautifully mad paint effects on the face , while Louise Gray plays with dots...... colourful dots playfully placed around the face.... and at Kinder Agguggini make-up artist Sharon Dowsett has tried to create the effect of a child doing make-up by drawing in wobbly eyeliner in the socket crease. Look below at images and feel inspired. Bring out those paints, regress to your childhood freedom and start painting!!

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