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Friday, February 4, 2011

Burlesque Beauty!

It's showtime!
Mulain and the MUs went to see Burlesque on Thursday night and we loved the make-up in the film! For any artist go and see it for the Pizazz, Cher, Stanley Tucci and glitter!!!!! Cher is Cher is Cher and is faultless....not a word said against that woman....we touch her feet in MU-land. Stanley is a hoot! Christina is good too and sports an amazing amount of wigs and different get-ups...it's fun and frolicking and leave your worries outside le cinema my friends, go and switch off and enjoy. Watching this film made Mulain remember his most favourite glitter in the whole world...ever! Make-up Forever's Silver/multi-coloured glitter in a little pot. In Bombay? Head to In-orbit in Malad to pick a little pot. Lasts forever, and can use it minimally or with aplomb! It's brilliant...if you're inspired by Burlesque...go to Town with a capital 'T' my darlings...I know I am! Off to party like it's 1999! Have a great weekend and enjoy the piccies below! M x

Mulain's favourite glitter brand....try Silver/multicoloured - Wow!

Dab it on and use a tissue....otherwise it will all end in tears!

Christian A. in Burlesque

Another Christina look.....

The wonderful Cher....

More wonderful Cher!

Go see the movie!

Dita Von T...modern Burlesque

Cher again.....love her love her love her!

Christina again...looking like Taylor Swift me-thinks....ummmm?

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