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Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome Batch 4 MU-ettes!

My darlings....so excited...batch 4 MU-ettes started their 8 week pro course today. Woo hoo! Mulain is wishing them good luck with their 8 weeks and hopes they throw themselves in to the wonderful world of make-up!!! And truly a wonderful world it is my friends. So welcome to you my dears and remember all the MUs are here with you and only here to help....and of course our other MU-ettes.

It's also Sound of Music week for the MU team...so running off to rehearsals left, right and centre.....the hills are alive...tra la la with the Sound of MU-lain!!! Want to see it? Call the NCPA in town and book your seats!

Mulain x

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