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Monday, January 10, 2011

Sex and the City Workshop!

The SATC gals...easy and breezy glam!
Mulain is getting super excited about the 'Sex and the City' make-up workshop of the month happening at the fat mu academy on 15th Sat Jan, 11am to 1pm. 2 hours of fun, informative, effective make-up tips and tricks so all attendees can walk away feeling confident that they can create that flawless, easy-breezy glam look in 5 to 10 mins! Sounds impossible?...it's not!...the MUs will show you how. So do come join the fun alone or you and some friends together? Mulain will see you there.
MUs Menaka and Xavier and Prajakta are prepping for working on Life of Pi with UK make-up designer Fae Hammond. Super excited and gearing up for the Indian schedule of the film. MUs Sara and Natasha are shooting today outside and think it's hot and dry...always tricky for us make-up artistes. Let's see what make-up tips they'll tell me so I can pass onto you guys.
Off for green tea now ..catch up later.
Mulain x

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