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Monday, January 17, 2011

Le White Pencil!

Just a quick tip for all make-up artistes packing for their shoots, bridals, event make-ups etc...don't forget to pack your white eye pencil. MU Sara has Stage Color White Pencil which she picked up for around Rs. 200...not bad eh? This little product can make all the difference to your make-ups. Opens the eyes up and makes the look more dramatic...don't go too over the top though...it's not Alice In Wonderland (unless you want it to be).
MUs are prepping for shoots and events and classes. Hope you all watched the Golden Globes..tell me who looked good? Mulain loo-ves the award season..so much dazzle and glitter!
M x


  1. I love white eye pencils. I have a retractable one from NYX (Their Jumbo Pencils are apparently a great eyeshadow base but not available in India so I got the thinner pencil). It helps eyeshadow stay put and allows my dark skin to rock lilac eyeshadow.
    Where else do I use it? More tips please!

  2. Bonjour Suzanne....will let you know more little secrets soon...mwah!