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Thursday, January 20, 2011


Mu Natasha and I went to the newly opened Inglot store the other day to check out their much heard about products.
We were wowed by their range of colours and textures and palettes... where should i begin?...

Lets start with the foundations...
Numerous textures in a range of skin tones to suit one and all... especially liked their liquid ones....
Concealers looked yummy too, and the texture did not seem far off from the Bobbi Brown ones we so love here at fat mu! .... the only difference, no corrector colours available....

Great range of eyeshadows and pigments from wild colours to neutrals.... what I particularly liked were their eyeshadow pigments which feel as soft as talc and glide on to the eyes for a beautiful effect and stay without going all over....

Great blusher colours in powders, creams and liquids ... have to say am partial to the liquid ... but you gotta work fast with it, not recommended for oily skins though...
.....and lovely creamy lip colours and gorgeous glosses.

All in all a fantastically yummy looking range that we frankly did not expect and now cannot wait to get my hands into!

Yesterday Mu-ette Melanie who now works at the Inglot store popped in to fat mu HQ with a bag full of goodies for us to try- exciting!!!
... So watch this space for further updates on their products after we have a go with them.... as they say the proof is in the pudding!!

What I have to point out though is that there is definitely something in there for everyone. Wether its for your personal use, the cute little compact packaging and lovely make-up makes it a great buy, whilst for the professional they do amazing palettes which you can customize.... wether it be lip, cheek, eye or concealer... great i say!

... and the icing on the cake is that all Inglot customers get a flat 10 % discount on all our fat mu workshops and courses.... except the 8 wk pro course. All you have to do is come in with your receipt and claim your discount. So hurry buy your make-up AND learn how to use it!!


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