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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter's Bone

Mulain saw Winter's Bone and so enjoyed this gripping tale. Great direction from Debra Granik, superb performance from youngster Jennifer Lawrence and great characters. Story is set in the US in the Ozark mountains of the South. Hard, gritty life tales and of course Mulain was looking at the make-up. Real life 'no make-up' looks...great detailing from hair to nails to lips...invisible make-up. Mulain's must-see movie of the month...also highly recommend 'The Kids Are Alright!'...great performances again...get to a movie hall near you my friends.
Hope you are all gearing up for the holiday season...ho ho ho! MU Virginia has landed in Arctic UK...it's chill to the bone weather out there right now. Even Mumbai has the chill factor non?
Anyway my darlings...off for a quick Christmas shop. Toodle-loo...M x

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