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Monday, December 20, 2010

Whip my hair!!!

Willow Smith whippin' that hair.....

Cool nails.....

Fab hair....

Just how many looks does little Miss Willow have in this vid?

Candy floss hair...

No it's not Holi but cool coloured hair!
My friends...just when we've finished raving about lil Jaden Smith in Karate Kid ...we have now fallen in love with lil Miss Smith ...Willow...barely a twinkle in her dad's eye...Willow has released her first single which has got the world 'whippin their hair'.....check out the video below and the making of...great fun for hair and make-up and nail ideas!!!
So looking for some Christmas / New Year party looks....look no further get inspired and get used to explosions of art and colour for next year!
It's colour all the way my friends but do throw a little caution to the air when 'whippin' and don't break your necks!
Mulain x

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