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Monday, November 8, 2010

Scented nails

Hello mes amis.... hope you all had a wonderful Diwali!!! Mulain had a very relaxing time with his friends and was glad for the break i tell you. How pretty did everything look all lit up!!.... Tres tres belle!!!

Now its back to the world of maquillage and a leetle bird has just told me that Revlon is coming out with scented nail polishes!! ooh la la.... nice to have your nails/ hands smelling and looking so good all the time... especially if you are a make-up artist working so close on a person's face.

The good news is that it comes in a wide array of pretty colours as you can see with lovely scents that last.... The bad news is that you won't get it in India for a while.... but... there's hope yet! ... it's already out in the stores in the states and hits the UK markets in march 2011... so if you are travelling, or have friends, bring some back and tell Mulain what you think..... Well done Madame Westman for this genius idea!!
(Btw for those of you who do not know Madame Westman she is global artistic director of Revlon and a fantastic make-up artist... full name Gucci Westman... look her up)


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