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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lash glue to the rescue!

Lash glue along with le cotton bud, a make-up artist's best friend ....

Real cracked lips as a reference for the look!

Mulain's top product of the week is eyelash glue! May seem very obvious my friend but it's a versatile product used not only for lashes!! MU Virginia had to create cracked lips on her 'Eskimo' model on her shoot.....she taken taken Tu-plast to create the effect but the Tu-plast had dried up!! Emergency situation......lash glue saved the day! Dabbed it on the lips and then broke it up to create the effect....it did the job and looked realistic and subtle....phew!
Let us know your fave products my darlings....we MU-st all share our knowledge!
M x


  1. i lash Glue !! Seriously ?? very nicee !! ill keep that in mind !!!!! :) :) quick thinking and a nice one :) :)

  2. how do you get it off without tearing the delicate skin of the lips?

  3. You are right...the lips are delicate...just like the eye area too...so you mu-st be careful when applying and removing...that makes a good make-up artist! For the lips you can try an oil based make-up remover so that the glue is 'loosened' it will then break away and come off. Baby oil if you have nothing else or have heard people using olive oil!!!