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Monday, November 15, 2010

Decorated skin!

MU Virginia on set with stylist Isha discussing the tribal markings

India's 'African' tribe the Siddis...in Gujurat!

Mulain was with MU Virginia yesterday for her TVC involving African tribal looks...we had lots of fun trialing the designs and deciding which products we were to use... MUettes Loveleen, Bianca and MU Sunita were all hands on deck with decorating 6 tribal African men with markings! Great fun but organised systems of applying them were set up...working on 2 men at a time and keeping the same shapes and textures was key. We got inspiration from 2 fabulous books ...MUst gets!
1) DECORATED SKIN - A World Survey of Body Art by Karl Groning ***** (5 stars!)
A must get!
2)PEOPLES OF THE WORLD - Mirella Ferrera ***** (5 stars!)
Get to know people from our global village my darlings through these amazing books. Expensive but with you for life to inspire and open your mind up. Mulain was amazed to find that 2 men from our 'African' TVC tribe were from Gujurat! Yes Gujurat! MU Virginia was in shock for most of the day.....this African tribe, the Siddis came to India hundreds of years ago through trading and set up their communities in certain parts of India...Gujurat being one. They are totally assimilated into Indian culture but don't marry outside their community, so they still have their African features....but on an everyday level they speak Gujurati, eat Indian food...they are Indian! Mulain loves finding out these little nuggets of knowledge.
We had a great 2 days on the TVC....can't wait for it to air to show you guys! MUs Natasha and Sunita are still shooting with b:blunt and MU Sara is running our 1 week Intro to Make-up week.
Busy, busy! MUs Xavier and Menaka are in Rajasthan working alongside Judi D and Maggie S and one of the MUs favourite D.P. (Dev Patel).....they are having a great time and will be back in December...can't wait to hear their news!
Nighty night guys and dolls...time to sign off....M x

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