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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Batch 3 final projects...

MU-ette mood board

Another MU-ette mood board!

on set checks during Batch 3 final photo shoot....

Palette in action...

MU-ette Deepti getting her design on

Reshma and the B:Blunt students in action...
Our Batch 3 students did a fab job on their final projects...all of them prepped and practiced beforehand and so came straight in and got stuck into their designs and all finished in their allocated time. Photographer Chang was impressed as was Mulain! Will post their final pics asap...Mulain very proud of you all....you each took an idea and then developed it and designed it onto the face (and body in some cases). Bravo!
Make-up is not just open your kit and start....put your thoughts and creative ideas in and see how your work improves.
M x

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