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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yummy lipsmacking gloss!

Mulain was gifted a wonderful lip gloss by Mu-ette Bianca.....she's just came back from make-up shopping in Canada...think she brought a whole plane load back with her! So now Mulain is running around town with a Bonnebell lipLITE gloss on....flavour-Cappuccino...need I say more...Mulain is lip-smacking all over Mumbai!!!!!!!!!!!! It's delish and what staying power....thank you my darling! Have n't heard of Bonnebell...it's a Canadian brand and from their website I can see they have loads of lovely flavours going on....even a latte one...ummm....nice touch.

Mulain is in hairstyling class tonight with hard working students....all doing their updos in time to Lady Gaga and Rihanna (DJ Mulain in the house).....then off to Moshe's opening next door! The MUs are now surrounded by food....Godrej supermarket, Ray's cafe and now Moshes....today is a good day.

M x

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