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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Perfect your eyelines!

Perfect your eyelines!
Not getting right effect...change your brush!

Sephora little eye kits...how cute na?

Hey girls and boys....hope all cool with you and your worlds. All good in MU-town.....pro class in week two...working hard and getting to know 'bases' and 'faces'....1 week intro to make-up work shop on too....and our MU-ettes are off shooting in Rajasthan with the lovely Dev Patel and Maggie Smith, Judi Dench...how cool is that? Busy little bees....
Mulain has been out and about recently and loving seeing what people are wearing make-up wise...have spotted quite a few ladies having a go with the trend of retro eyelines....some getting it right, some not at all!! Remember if you are just starting out....start with an aqua liner...that way if you make a mistake, a quick dab with a cotton bud and water, remove your 'error', 'smudge' and start again! Start small with a slight flick and out ...when you get fast and confident with this...then move onto your Sharila T 60s stuff! Easy-squeezy....also if you are using a brush that's too thin you will not get that lovely thick retro line.....try your lip brush...see the difference. Once your eyelines are on with the aqua, you can always intensify the line with MAC's Blacktrack or Lakme's liquid liner for that extra staying power.
Get lining my friends...it's a lot of fun!
M x

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