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Friday, October 8, 2010

Nars Bento Box Sets

Lovely Japanese inspiration...product, tools and brushes

highly pigmented lip colour....

Kabuki theatre

Japanese inspired brushes.....

Kabuki theatre from 1794!!!

Nars goes Japanese ....
Mulain is always preaching about putting the 'art' into make-up......well, Mulain's favourite MU-se Nomita sent us a Francois Nars link this morning about the new limited edition Bento Box Sets available from November....to-tally up our alley. Mulain is determined to get his hooves on one of these....they look just gorgeous and LOVE the concept and artistry behind it all. For those who like all things artistic, you are going to really appreciate his idea and vision....merci Monsieur Nars you are truly an artist. These sets are inspired from Japanese Kabuki theatre (dates back to 1603).....two porcelain bowels sit in a handmade bento box, each one filled with hand-poured, highly-pigmented lip colours....Maiko, a vivid red and Sakura, a bright pink! Plus there is a handmade Kabuki lip brush, it's handle wrapped in Wisteria....has Mulain wet your creative appetites? It's is a lovely way to paint your lips just as a performer would do. Magical!
In class now with MU Natasha....first week of the pro class nearly over...my how time flies....hope you have a lovely weekend my darlings....caio for now...M x

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