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Friday, October 1, 2010

fat mu behind the scenes

MU's Natasha, Virginia and Prajakta working on Lara Dutta for Hi Blitz!

MU Prajakta prepping for class......

MU's Xavier, Kamlesh and Menaka breaking down their script for their up-coming movie...

A working station shot for a theatrical performance for Tata Capitol at the Taj Land's End....

fat mu student Vimi helping Virginia MU during the Tata show....

fat mu student Bianca getting a dancer ready for the Tata show....

Mulain has been watching the MUs in action over the last few weeks, busy busy.....loved the Tata show at the Taj Land's End organised by Raelle's Padamsee's ACE productions....... Virginia MU and her team (including fat mu academy students) created Bollywood heros and heroines from the 50s - 90s for them....so much fun! We had a great last batch for the pro course...Mulain hopes you are all doing ok out there my little MU-ettes? Do let Mulain know na.
MU's Xavier, Kamlesh, Joyce and Menaka are heading off to Rajasthan for a Brit film ....we shall miss them all but they'll be back in December so we'll catch up then. Bon voyage and good luck with your super star cast! What fun.
MU's Virginia and Natasha are excited about Batch 3 of the pro course starting on Monday along with the hairstyling workshop. So much to learn....chalo!
Mulain is off to Pali Village Cafe to meet friends and dance the night away....Enjoy your Saturday nights!!!
Mulain x

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