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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Trending - Spring / Summer 2011

Glitter is back!..... and so is colour! woo hoo!! Trending at London Fashion Week , glitter a la the Seventies saw a comeback on the catwalks .

Starting with nails either wholly dipped for full on sparkle or just delicately tipped for a slight edge.... glitter edges its way up onto the face to compliment smokey eyes with a touch of bright sparkle on the inner corners or for a full on wow factor on the entire eye! Take it all the way up to the brow, use just as an eyeline, or combine with a rocker edge on the lower lash line.... whatever takes your fancy.... have fun with it....!!

Also back in for next season is COLOUR!! lots of it from bright citrus-y sorbet colours to yummy pretty pastels..... think Spring flowers and Summer fruits.... all sorts .... lots of colour on the cheeks, eyes, lips, nails.... a nice refreshing change from the bleak starkness of the winter trends....

So think colour, think disco, think seventies my darlings.............Mx


  1. Hi to you and your team..hope you're all doing great as usual!
    about the glitter: I am somehow very intimidated by glitter and don't dare to apply it on my face..I fear I might end up looking like a joker or a 'CHEAP' woman :) don't know why I feel like this about glitter!!

  2. My darling....sorry for late reply!!! Yes many people are scared of glitter ...will write an entry devoted to you and your 'fear' :)

    M x

    P.s - all good here but Mumbai is melting!