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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

Imagine winning the title of Miss Universe? What pressure....that is basically saying that you are the most beautiful mortal in our Solar System! Think that's a bit insane non? So Miss Mexico has won this year (no Miss India again!)......another young beauty gets a crown and sheds tears and gets flowers and wants to save the world. Are beauty contests a bit outdated my friends? Is it a bit limiting for women just to be judged on beauty alone? If it was about the whole package of brains, strength, looks, stamina then maybe it would be an up-to-date contest....but putting young mademoiselles in swimming costumes and parading them around like show dogs? Ummmm......Mulain not convinced my friends.

What do you think my darlings? Yes there is lots of fabulous make-up on and glossy lips and lashes galore....wonderful tresses and great shoes...but feel it's a little too empty for us all in 2010.....but that is little old moi.

Bridal week in the academy this week and onto airbrushing next week, then character week then another batch of MU-ettes will be out in the big, bad, Bombay world.

Tuesday night in Mumbai....might head to Blue Frog or the lovely Pali Hill Cafe....spoilt for choice now in our city that does n't sleep.

Mulain x

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