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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Himalaya lip balm

Mulain has been using Himalaya lip balm in the last few days as he has run out of Carmex and Lizzy Arden's 8hr cream....mu-st say I am pleasantly surprized with how good it is. Have it in my manpurse now and on-standby for those dry lip moments....which are many due to the Mumbai climate and air-conditioning combined. I have so many lipsticks and glosses but really need to keep my lips primed, poised and ready for them, otherwise they get cracked and to-tally unsmoochable....not a good look! So at Rs 20 a pop this little tube of delight is my new best friend. It has a natural UV filter and is packed with Vitamin E to nourish and soften lips...fabulous as far as I am concerned. Available from most chemists, druggists in India which is also a massive plus point, no excuses for dry, unchapped, unglam mouths ...am I right?
Mulain is in the middle of a bridal practical assessment in the fat mu academy...back to work to see how our brides are looking....chat later...
Mulain x

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  1. Dear Mulain. It is important to keep lips moisturised but can I mention another area to keep soft. It is the neck. Even at a young age remember to include the neck in your daily facial moisturising. Don't do it? Start now it is never too late.