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Monday, July 12, 2010


For those of you not familiar with the SK-II brand let Mulain fill you in.......around 30 years ago a Japanese scientist noticed that the hands of the ladies who worked in a local Sake factory were so soft and young.....taking a few years of research he found out what the magic ingredient was - Pitera! So he came up with a skincare brand which contained this wonder 'discovery'.... go onto http://www.sk-ii.com/ and read all about it...quite interesting my friends.
SK-II has become known as one of the most exclusive / expensive beauty brands in the world. Plus with Madame Blanchett endorsing it, it exudes confidence and sophistication. Mulain had read that Robert Pattinson's make-up artist had used the airtouch foundation by SK-II on him to create his look. Mulain was intrigued....so went searching on the net and seemingly found huge amounts of fans around the world. However also read the SK-II have withdrawn the airtouch foundation in UK as of January 2010...due to lack of sales.....Ummm....confused.com....on a mission to get to the bottom of this....Wikipedia say that due to this withdrawal SK-II faces lawsuit world as they were still selling applicators for this at 90 GBP and not telling their customers about the discontinuation.....naughty SK-II!
Anyway...would still love to try the product as it's meant to be Su-perb.
In the office with the MUs today, getting ready for our next batch of pro make-up...starting July 19th....MU Natasha was shooting all weekend for a Sunsilk TVC......MU Virginia prepping for our shoot this week...busy busy....keeping us all out of mischief!
Anyone see the IIFAs last night? Or was it FIFA land instead?
Footie is over my friends....back to reality.....M x

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