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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shiseido accentuating color stick

Champagne color stick.....

Know Mulain has written about this product before....quite a few times...but there is a reason for this....it's too good! Was with MU Virginia shooting for a skin TVC for the last few days and was watching how just a dab of this creme on the face created such a beautiful, natural glow and finish to the skin. The art of the flawless skin my friends is about sophisticated subtley and finesse in the strokes of course.

So a reminder to you all ....get this for your kits...or at least go and check it out!

M x


  1. Hi..
    hope all's well you and your team.
    well yes I'd read about this product on your site earlier as well and I went a head and bought one for myself but I don't know where on the face and how to use it :)

  2. Hey ZG...all good here...have our full time academy opening next week...so all go here.

    Ok - this is a highlighter cream stick....you can dab it on any areas of the face and body even that you want to enhance...sculpting the face.....cheekbones, bridge of nose, collar bones, brow bones....have a play with it and get to know it....it's very easy to apply and blend...it's a subtle look but very effective. We love it here Madame!