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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For girls on the go!

Mulain was chatting with the MUs in the office today and discussing dry shampoo (as one does).....Virginia MU was raving about a brand called Batiste, been around for ages but became known as something your Grandma would use....then popstress Sophie Ellis Bextor said in an interview that it was her biggest beauty tip, the brand has never looked back since! Washing your hair everyday can be a pain, am I right? Oui....so great, now we all have to do is buy a spray can and every now and again when we're not in the mood or we're in a rush get spraying!!!! Target your hairline, or where you hair gets oily / greasy.....hold can a few inches away from your head and spritz where you feel you need to.....leave for a bit then comb through. It's fab my darlings.....buy it and try it! Chalo! If you can't pop down to good old Boots then make your own (google Dry Shampoo homemade recipes) or Beautiful in Bandra stock some.

M x

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