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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pore minimizer by Clarins

Large pores worrying you?.... Wake up in the morning only to find they've got bigger?! Don't panic - luckily with modern technology and advances in the beauty industries there is something to tackle it all!!

I recently faced such a problem and was horrified, but a lovely Clarins salesperson on a chance encounter changed my life by recommending the pore minimizing serum, and after weeks of going thru little pots of testers the difference is remarkable!.. not only does it give your skin a smoother more flawless appearance but it prevents all that gunk and pollution lodging itself in large pores thus leading to blackheads, whiteheads, pimples... you the general idea right..... and so today I stepped out and bought my very own bottle- and I have to say I am pleased!

Another company that does such a product is Estee Lauder with 'Idealist'. I however can't comment on it as I have n't tried it, but going by their reputation and what the word on the street is - its meant to be a wonder product.
Why did n't I try it then you ask?For one it's too much of a trek to the Palladium Mall (only place in Mumbai with an Estee Lauder store).... and more importantly Clarins passed the test with flying colours!.....and so as they say... better the devil you know!

So if you're not sure about spending a whole lot of cash right away but you want to give it a go.. head down to your nearest store and get a couple of testers and go from there...

Flawless skin here we come.......


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