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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cinderella in a bottle

Ladies a new gem I have discovered - Clarins 'Beauty Flash Balm' or also what they like to call 'Cinderella in a bottle'.
It makes you go from blah to beautiful.... from dull, tired looking skin to instant radiance.
Apply it as a mask or as a primer under your make-up and see the remarkable difference - something you can't get from make-up alone. Tried and tested!

Apparently this product has been around for 20 odd years and I am only just discovering it?!... Why did n't someone tell me sooner!... Well as they say better late than never eh?

Some more wonder products from the wonderful world of Clarins that I swear by are:

Gentle foaming face wash with Shea butter - great for dry and sensitive skins....

Skin beauty repair serum - brilliant for immediate results for sensitive skins prone to redness, and also wonderful to soothe irritated skins. Our MU Natasha swears by it.....

Pore Minimiser - great for all you peeps with oily skins and/or large pores....

Hydrating mask - something I have mentioned before - this for skins in need of some serious instant hydration... and finally..

.....their Deodorant - yes you heard right ......deodorant - a wee bit expensive at Rs 900, but actually works and does'nt leave those nasty hard to remove white marks everywhere....

Clarins according to us MU's is pretty much a one-stop skin shop... Great products with natural plant extracts that actually work at affordable prices. Give it a go! Ask for testers to begin with if not sure about splurging right away and believe me the proof is right there in the pudding!


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