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Friday, June 25, 2010

Barry M's Dazzle Dusts....

just yum!.......

Mulain's favourite colour ..... Parrot Green....
Anyone travelling through UK mu-st drop into Boots, Top Shop, Superdrug to check out Barry M's make-up range...fun and affordable with to die for colours www.barrym.com . Young and poppy, trendy and cool....there is something here for everyone.....from nails to cheeks, lips and eyes....getting a-paintin' and a-mixin my friends. Mulain really did like the Dazzle Dusts...'ave to say, especially the Parrot Green one......what an impact for your eyes / look etc. Each shade (and there are many around 60!!!!!!) can be applied bright and bold or shimmering and subtle......each pot contains intensive reflective colour which glides on smoothly adding sparkle or sheen and costs around 4.50 GBP (that's about 315 Rs)....get shopping!
Mulain x

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