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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Topshop Make-up!

Ok....we all love Topshop.....well...seems they have just launched their new make-up line plus they have ingeniously linked up with taaz.com to offer digital makeovers....be prepared for addiction......is this the future of the makeover my friends? It's such a good idea, lots of fun and opens your eyes to the creative possibilities for the face. However, Mulain says don't just rely on this technology to do the work for you....you should still be able to look at your canvas (face) and feel inspired and get painting......but it's 2010 and we have to move with the times.....so know about it and choose what suits you as an artist.....more creative choices for us all....which is good!

Fat mu academy had a great day yesterday with DOP Mrinal Desai coming into to class to teach our MU-ettes about lighting and how important it is to the make-up artist......great session. Today we are starting history of make-up....another lovely class......have a good day my friends.....don't melt and drink water...top tip!

Mulain x

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