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Monday, May 31, 2010

Keep those brushes clean....

A gentle option for washing your brushes....

Dettol is anti-bacterial for added safety....rinse properly with water...

Jillian's little secret for washing her brushes....oh la la!

And IPA alchohol (100%) for quick on-set clean-ups...harsh on brushes so only use while shooting or on the job!

Mulain is so excited for tomorrow...Airbrushing is on!....Jillian LaGasse our airbrush instructor has arrived from London town and is loving India and very excited about starting the airbrushing workshops tomorrow at the fat mu academy currently running in Bandra...Woo hoo!
We have been chatting make-up all weekend and swapping and exchanging ideas and creative thoughts....Mulain loo-ves getting his mind stretched and pushed! Mulain was washing his brushes with a gentle soap at home....and Jillian said she washes her brushes with Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Face Wash. She said she loves it as it's gentle on the brushes while also 'killing all the nasties'...meaning it's anti-bacterial properties clean your tools properly thus protecting you and your kit! Tres importante my darlings.......also remember to rinse with water after and shape your brushes while drying....never soak them upside-down!!!!
Look after your brushes and they will look after you!
So til tomorrow my friends....caio and hope you are surviving the heat!
Mulain x

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