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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Face charts!

Bonjour...another sunny day in hot, hot, hot Mumbai......poor MUs Natasha, Xavier and Sara are braving the heat for a TVC...shot outside....quite horrid and exceptionally hard work to keep the models looking fresh and fabulous and not melty and manky. Well done team....Mulain thinks you are doing a grand job but is choosing to spend the day with MU Virginia in an airconditioned class room (much more civilised non?). Today the MUettes in the academy are designing their first make-up! It will be a creative and funfilled afternoon for sure. Students will be putting their ideas and creations onto face charts and then executing them onto live models......Mulain can't tell you what a good practice this is and a good habit to start for all budding artistes....start drawing, sketching, playing with colours and putting everything down onto paper...face charts. This will help you communicate your ideas clearly in a visual way and also help you when you are directing a team etc.
Mulain has put up a few from MAC, Stila, Charlotte Tilbury, L'Oreal to give you an idea. Hope this helps you in your work my friends.
Off to school.....mu-st n't be late....moi Mulain x

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