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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Colour combos!

Mulain is asking you today....how daring are you with your colour combinations?.......We are all so safe non? Neutral tones with maybe a colourful tint on the lips, or a pop of colour on the nails, we are getting more and more daring with colours for sure, slowly, slowly.....and Mulain feels that's the way it should be. Watching MU Virginia's Indigo Airlines TVC, Mulain noticed the colour combos....the female flight attendants had orange lips and pale blue eyeshadow.......also spotted lime green eye shadow with a cerise lipstick combination. What fun!

Why not head to your nearest make-up shop and see what inspires you....have a play....see what you can come up with....bottom line ....Mulain says...get creative!

Mulain x

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