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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time to get Reel!

Mulain was told by the cameraman on a recent TV commercial that the 'stubble look' that the MUs created was so real that he wanted to know what we used. So we let him in on a little secret of ours..... Reel Palettes..... http://www.reelcreations.com/ ....... We at fat mu have a selection of their palettes but the one above is the most popular and versatile one available.....you can create bruises, black eyes, cuts, stubble, cover tattoos, scars etc.....quick easy palette to work with and lasts! To create the stubble look that was complimented....we had a black stipple sponge, some Isopropyl Alchohol and mixed the black, green and blue together to get the right effect and colour. Remember never just make stubble black in colour....this will look fake. It must look real, work slowly and carefully following the natural beardline of the artist...stippling carefully. If you go too heavy, don't panic my friends...just get a cotton bud, dab it with the alchohol and stipple over the part you want to correct. Ben Nye do black stipple sponges at New Beauty Centre, Khar. Available also at any professional beauty shop in the USA and UK.

Mulain suggests you check out the Reel Creations site to see which palette you need. A definite worthwhile investment sadly not available in India yet....the MUs are working on it.

M x

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