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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Make-up for children.....


This poor little beauty queen was sadly murdered.......so wrong!

Mulain has no words for this......

Ok...a difficult question to answer my friends...at what age should girls start wearing make-up? It's very tricky....little children of 2010 are much more sophisticated than say children of the 60s, 70s, 80s.......As a child of the 70s Mulain loved the idea of face-painting at birthday parties, wanting a butterfly with lovely colours or a tiger face with fabulous stripes...I certainly did n't want to look like Britney Spears or Pamela Anderson or Barbie even! Oh how times have changed.....feeling a little sad about that. Mulain believes that a child's innocence should be protected for as long as possible. Very difficult in this day and age where kids are exposed to modern icons on the TV, internet 24/7. Basically they're growing up too quick. Plus beauty companies / toy companies want to make money....kids are big money my darlings, sitting ducks in the marketing world. It's tough being a modern parent...instilling good moral values...the kids want EVERTHING....fast.
MU Sara visited the new Hamley's store in Mumbai and was astonished to see professional make-up artists there doing makeovers on young girls....Ummmm.....we at fat mu were a little disturbed by this. Girls are too young to understand the consequences of wearing make-up and the powerful image it conveys. What are the yummy mummies doing?....I really would love to know.....surely bringing up kids so fast is not good for the well-being of society....it has the potential to breed neurotic, self obsessed, vain individuals...too superficial! Mulain is taking a moral stand on this one darlings.....teach your kids to paint, sketch, draw, create in different ways before giving them the tools to paint their faces.....they have to understand what they are doing non?
I may sound harsh and not fun...am not against little girls trying on mummy (or daddy's) lipstick from time to time...exploring.....but little by little......look at the big picture my friends and protect the young of today....they know not what they do.
Here endeth the lesson....Mulain x

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