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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Italian Vogue

If your passion is fashion read on.......Italian Vogue is the least commercial edition of the Vogue magazines printed around the globe and is considered THE top fashion magazine in the world. The images inside can be provocative, shocking, non-conformist....they convey artistic ideas, techniques ....they truly are something else....Mulain thinks that all budding artistes, all pros should look to this iconic publication as a benchmark for work. Yes we know sometimes your work cannot get too creative. Your shoots, bridals, personal briefs can be straightforward and limit your 'creativity'....BUT when you are on a shoot and have the opportunity to create magic....pretend it's a shoot for Italian Vogue....imagine your work on it's pages....keep pushing yourself to get there....your work will only get better! Get into doing test shoots too.....keep designing new looks, keep pushing those creative boundaries around you!
Check out their website and get lost in the magic...... www.vogue.it/en ....lol Mulain x

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