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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Green Make-up Artiste!

Hello my dears...another super, super melting day in this metropolis we call Mumbai. Can it get any hotter? As it is this hot...Mulain is reminded of global warming and have to say I am thinking of the future of us and our lovely, leetle planet. Therefore it is up to all of us to be 'green' and save the world! Personally and professionally! Not sure where to start? Head to http://www.greenmakeupartist.com/ to get started. This site will give you important links to do with work, green recommendations for products, ways of working, tips from other make-up artistes...keeping tuned in and up-to-date is uber important...even Leo Dicaprio has his link on this site....see everyone is getting involved and doing their bit. Exploring the world of mineral make-up? Let Mulain and the MUs know if you find a good brand / product out there. Share knowledge my friends...knowledge is power etc etc.

So go green my friends....a 'Mineral-ed' Mulain x

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