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Monday, March 15, 2010

Put your best face forward

Our MU Natasha recently flew back from South Africa on Emirates and she was telling us how impressed she was with how well groomed the flight attendants were.
Being an ex flight attendant herself with Cathay Pacific Airways, she is always quick to notice how the girls look and present themselves and always stresses the importance of being well groomed at all times..... especially if you are front line staff (..and even if not... )..it speaks volumes about you as a person and who you represent (whether it be yourself or a company...).... so take pride in your appearance my darlings as a lot of first impressions are formed then... from meeetings to interviews, auditions, dates ... you name it... all it takes is a leetle bit of time initially on your part to figure out who you are... what you want to be / look like and then work from there in creating your look.

Today we are blessed (or cursed... depends on how you look at it) by being spoilt for choice with all the products on the market.. with colours and textures to suit any and everyone there are no excuses! ... and so... if it's a look you're after that you think you want but not sure it'll look good on you... think again!

Take the Emirates girls for example.. obviously they have been groomed by professionals and shown certain colours that would work with their uniforms and how to apply them to suit the various nationalities that work there.
From what Natasha noticed was that they all had a look that combined beauty and sophistication... but what really stood out was that although the look was pretty uniform throughout... was the fact that the girls were from about 6 different nationalities... which meant different skin tones, hair colours, facial features and yet each one of them managed to adapt it to themselves whilst still maintaing the uniformity of the look and carried it off beautifully.
The make-up was very classic... simple on the eyes, from shades of taupes and brown to flicks of liner and lashings of mascara combined with lovely rosy cheeks ranging from pinks to peaches to corals and strikingly beautiful red mouths from bright red to deep red to deep corals and rust... all the colours were perfectly suited to match each girls complexion ...and not every girl was a natural beauty but with the right colour and application they all looked like true beauties!... simply marvellous if you ask me... I think our airlines and front line staff need to take a lesson from that.... It's not about piling on the make up ... it's about doing what's right for you.... with the right products for you.... whatever your look....

So think about it people.... stay well groomed and not only will you look good you will FEEL good!


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