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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chanel's Spring / Summer make-up collection 2010

Mulain is always up for a leetle bit of Chanel...loved trying all the new Spring / Summer range in Juhu's Dynamix Mall.....MUs Natasha and Virginia had a try before they watched 'Alice in Wonderful' at the PVR...a quick make-up shopping fix. The girls love love loved the new Spring collection as seen above....lovely nail polishes and the colours are muted chic....luxurious as always in a subtle and sophisticated way. Virginia fell in love with the taupe/grey colour nail polish named Attendu (see above)....Natasha not so convinced calling it 'murky'....it's a love/hate thing it seems.....but as Mulain will always tell you ....you cannot really hate anything Chanel do....it's love/love all the way!
Chanel is Chanel is Chanel....Mulain applauds you...
Mulain x


  1. truly the spring collection is mind blowing...the colors so soothing to the eyes ...this lip range is lovely,what about the blush and shadows?

  2. Have to say Mulain is sold on all of it...Chanel can do no wrong it seems...? M x