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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Budget make-up tools!

Can't afford a 'proper make-up mixing palette'....use an old cd!

A proper metal spatula out of your budget....start with orange sticks!!...

Mulain is always distraught to hear of young aspiring make-up artists with no budget for materials and losing hope of ever having 'the perfect kit'....don't despair my friends....in this green / recessionista age we are living in anything goes. So Mulain is saying instead of chucking out old, scratched cds...re-use them as a make-up mixing palette? Can't afford a metal spatula?..... buy a packet of orange sticks to start with.....you 'ave to start somewhere non? Total cost would be..old cd + packet of orange sticks=6 Rs approximate. So you 've saved yourself money, helped the environment and plus you look cool and inventive. Not bad going...see where else you can be clever too. Sharing is caring...get together with some friends....par example.....between two of you buy the latest lipsticks around, divide them in half! MU Sara bought a pill box from a local medical shop and filled it with lipsticks....she now has the coolest, most cost-effective lip palette in town. Bravo Sara!
So my dears....never despair....there is always a solution.....a silver lining to every cloud.
Mulain x