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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trendspotting 2010

So fashions weeks as we all know my darlings are a great for telling us what's in vogue and what's not... they also predict what the looks for the coming season will be.... I personally think they're great as leads but its always nice to add your own twist on it and not be a fashion victim!.. So here's what the guru's from New York and London fashion week predict...

Spring / Summer 2010 - pastels eyes / lilacs and violets are big.... even on nails! Bright red / orange mouths-generally matte / clean bronzed skin and lashes!.... all very fresh and springy! just like the colours of the flowers in bloom! ... so pretty..... I loo-ve it all...!

... but since we are entering into Spring and Holi is just around the corner.. let's focus on colour my darlings... tomorrow I will tell you about what products are good to achieve these looks and how... stay tuned.......!


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