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Monday, February 22, 2010

Step by Step: Freida Pinto's Red carpet look!

So hope you've all had a fantastic weekend.... Mulain had a lovely chilled Sunday and on Saturday he accompanied MU Natasha to see her working on the lovely Ms. Pinto for an award function at the Waves concert held in Mumbai.
Once again... we have a breakdown of the products that Natasha used and the application steps broken down for you should you wish to have a go and replicate the look!

Products used:
Base - Estee Lauder Double wear foundation (we MU's just loo-ve this foundation... such a lovely flawless finish - like you've been airbrushed!)

Concealor - Bobbi Brown

Powder - MAC NC 20 (lovely on most Indian skins)

Brows - Brow fix by Ben Nye

Eyes - Uber soft glide-on eye pencil by Urban Decay in 'Stash', in ' Chocolate' by Waterproof and in 'Duck' by MAC.
-Neutral matt eye shadow palette by Screen Face
-Givenchy mascara
-Shu Uemura lash curlers

Cheeks - YSL cream blush in 'No1'
Contour - YSL cream blush in 'No 3' and powder blush by MAC in' Blunt'
Highlight - Highbeam by Benefit

Lips - Lip pencil by MAC in 'Plum' and a mixture of 2 lipsticks by Bobbi Brown in 'Blue Raspberry' and 'Plum'

Application - start by prepping skin... cleanse and moisturise... using the right products for your skin type. Once done apply the base evenly all over your face and neck.... this time we would recommend you dot the base over your eyelids as well to prep them for the colour to stay on longer. Conceal where necessary and then set with a light dusting of loose powder. Next groom brows and define with shadow if necessary and set with clear brow gel.

Onto the eyes...using the 'Stash' pencil (a lovely dull khaki gold), colour the entire lid neatly starting at the root and going right up to the socket line (like colouring-in really)....once done blend out edges with your finger to achieve a soft smoky look and then go over with pencil again for depth of colour... then taking the same pencil line the lower lash line with a zig-zag motion to really get the colour in there. Now you heavily contour the socket line... dip your MAC 217 brush or anything similar into a medium brown shadow and work it just above your socket line in a back and forth motion, following the shape of your eye leaving a small space for the highlights.... then you take the Waterproof 'Chocolate' pencil or any dark brown pencil and work into the roots of the lashes - top and bottom..... once this is done.... dip a brush into dark brown shadow and press it into where you've just lined with the pencil and blend in an upward motion on the lid and a downward motion on the lower lash line. This action sets the colour and also softens and blends out any hard egdes whilst creating depth at the lashes....now taking the eye pencil in 'Duck' or any soft brown line the inner rim of your eyes ... this frames them to complete the look beautifully......finally curl lashes and apply lashings of mascara, top and bottom....

Once the eyes are done apply the creme blusher on the cheekbones working out into the hairline... then contour under the cheekbone with the powder blush... and now add lots of sheen on top of the cheekbones with the highbeam... this gives the skin a beautiful radiance....to finish the highlighted look take a matt bone coloured shadow lighter than your skin tone and highlight just below your brow bone and outer corners of your eyes in an upward slant . This is just playing with light and shade and helps in bringing out the eyes even more.... lastly line lips with the 'Plum' lip pencil and fill in with the same, once done gently dab a mix of the 2 lipsticks on the lips... apply a small amount as we want the lips to be matt and have a contrast with the sheeny skin for a prettier different effect...et voila... you're done!

It is a good idea to contrast looks this season... if keeping skin matte go glossy on lips or vice versa like done on Freida.. creates a lovely look... oh and if you notice us MU's using a lot more browns... it's because brown is the new black this season my darlings!.... something different is always a welcome change non?! ..less harsh too if you ask me.....ok.. so have fun playing mes cheries and do let Mulain know how you got on...

Mmmmmuah x


  1. This is wonderful! I'm of Indian descent (MAC NC 42) and saw on makeup411.com that you all did Freida's makeup for Slumdog Millionaire and used one of the Kryolan DC Camouflage palettes for her concealer. Could you suggest which palette I might use for concealing my undereye circles? Thank you so much in advance! I don't know who else to turn to to ask!!

  2. Hello Maya! Thank you for writing in... yes we did use the DC Camouflage palette on Slumdog for Freida but it was a mix of colours depending on what was needed on the day.
    For real women we feel a much simpler solution is needed ... one that works and come straight out of a tube or a jar with no mixing required... so what we here at fat mu find works really well are 2 concealers from MAC- the select moisturecover for light- medium coverage, esp great if you have dry skin or fine lines and 2) studio finish concealers for heavier coverage without it looking heavy. Both work really well, but we suggest you try the colour on and look at it in natural light as the light in most stores are never right for this. Another good tip with concealers is to pat it in and work it into the skin with your finger or a sponge for that i've just had 10 hours sleep look!... Hope this helps... do let us know how you get on... and remember should you need any more advice we are always here and happy to help!... Mulain x

  3. ... and try starting with NC 42 as a colour for your concealer too... Natasha is the same tone and finds it works really well without having to go lighter... skin looks great and nothing jumps out. Good luck!