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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ladyboy Make-up!

Cabaret glamour Ladyboy

Sunflower Boy from North Thailand...

Above is MU Virginia's Ladyboy Whitney Houston she saw last week...check out the lashes....mon dieu!

Mulain now knows where Lady Gaga gets her inspiration....Thailand's Ladyboys of course!!!! It's complete showman/womanship and cabaret style big time at work. Their make-up style is all about exaggerated glamour....nothing subtle here my friends....if you're going to wear lashes....WEAR LASHES!!!! check out the above......if you're going to wear lipstick.....WEAR LIPSTICK!!!!.. Virginia MU was telling Mulain all about it and her Ladyboy cabaret she went for in lovely Thailand. Brilliant fun, humour mixed with artistic talent....great performers and fun was had by all.
If you're heading to Bangkok.....do go check out....'one night in Bangkok, and the world's your oyster'!
Enjoy your Sundays, Mulain x


  1. thanks for sharing.
    I've a request..would you please tell me which highlight is good for the cheeks? I got a skin complexion a bit fair than Deepika Padukone's and don't know which highlighter to choose for my cheeks..would be grateful if you tell me.

  2. Well firstly Bonjour!

    Our favourite highlight is Benefit's Highbeam...it is fantastique....great for sculpting the face. Dab it onto the cheekbones and blend, also tiny dab on brow-bone and bridge of nose....you'll get the hang of it once you start. Even collar-bones! It's addictive we warn you....it's also great for all skin types....suits all..hope that helps...Benefit is available throughout most of the world now and also in Mumbai...at a little shop called Beautiful in Khar.