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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Mulain and the gals had a fab time yesterday checking out make-up in the Palladium shopping mall, Phoenix Mills...to those of you outside of Bollywoodland, this is a mall right in the heart of Bombay where you can literally shop-til-you-drop! Zara and Topshop coming too which will be fantastique! We filed our way up the escalators til we reached Clinique, Estee Lauder and MAC back to back.....Wow! we thought....super easy shopping.
Have to say to enter the Clinique shop you need to have your sunglasses on...it's so bright! It's like being in Star Trek, or something totally futuristic....very 'clinic' like...guess that's the idea. If you 're a Clinique lover you'll lap this place up....it's a sure-fire, dependable brand with good quality make-up and skincare too. Do check it out. We moved onto the fabulous Estee Lauder store (want to write about this tomorrow so won't divulge too much detail)...essentially fun-***** - tastic...great liquid bases...for Indian skins!!! Hurrah! Not cheap, it is a luxury brand afterall....will let MU Natasha tell you all about it tomorrow as she used them on the lovely Freida Pinto today for a shoot. Then came MAC...always good...always inspiring...always hard to walk away without spending anything!
After the Palladium experience and MU Natasha went off into the puff and smoke of Bombay traffic to get home. I wandered around with MU Virginia checking out other stores in the Mills vicinity......one of our lovely blog followers told me to check out Faces (thank you Susie Q).....so MU V and me spent a good 45 mins trying out their products and buying a fair bit to try out. I was quite impressed with the colours, textures, price...it all seems too good to be true......they seem to be a great fashion high-street brand...can't afford MAC then Faces could be the answer...I am trialling all week so will keep you informed on how I get on with my liquid shimmers, pigments, eye shadow quads, lip glosses......all priced I mu-st say very well....cute nail polishes for 99Rs.....great colour range too.....Let's see my dears......this brand is in Canada, Honduras, Ireland, Kosovo, Mexico and now India.....rather random...but am definitely curious. And they seem to have a great range of liquid bases for Indian skins, and empty palettes so you can pick your own colour shadows......very impressive.
Off home now, another day, another rupee...
Mulain x

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