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Friday, February 26, 2010

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre

They call it the 24 hour miracle cream... and I have to say I agree!

I was given this cream by a certain 'movie star' claiming it to be the best cream in zee world!!... a big claim for it to live up to so I thought well it's definitely worth a try if SHE's saying that... and I can tell you I'm wondering why I have'nt heard of this before or gotten my hands on it sooner!! Its fantastique! A very simple no frills cream made by a doctor about 60 years ago in France, it is available in most french pharmacies and select stockists in the UK and the US.

Its a light milky cream formula that you just have to glide onto your skin and it sinks in... it promises 24 hours of hydration which it lives up to ... and is great on my combination/ sensitive skin even in this hot climate. Works on all skin types.

Multi purpose - it can be used for cleansing, moisturising, as a primer before make up and as a soother after shaving for men! An all in one product that make travelling a lot lighter (we all know how much those toiletries weigh!) and no wonder it's such a huge hit with make-up artists across the world. A wonder product that we are so glad to have finally found... better late than never eh? And what's better is that it's light on the pocket.... retailing in France for 8 Euros it's a steal... stock up I say!!!


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