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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Do you dare to wear?

Mulain had a lovely day yesterday with a beauty journalist who came to have a make-up lesson with MU Virginia. What fun we had, going through her make-up kit and dividing it into two sections for her.. 1) neutral, day products and 2) party / night / glamour ones. Our guest was super comfortable with doing her face for an everyday look...the generic/neutral glamour....she came to us because she had in her kit a host of colours / textures that she did n't know what to do with. One colour we found was an acid/lime green eye-shadow from MAC. Looks completely scary in the box and most people don't know what to do with bright, fantastic colours....do not fear....fat mu are here!
Firstly we had to get the colour out and get a feel of it. So we had a play on her hand, mixed it with other colours and then eventually decided to have a play on the lids. We went for a bold, solid shape on the eye, supported by a dramatic black eye-line to set it off. It looked lovely and unusual and wonderfully 'non-frightening'.
So Mulain's advice today is not to get scared of colour and textures - get out your kits / make-up bags, find the bright colours, be it lipstick, blusher or shadows and start to have a play. Remember make-up is fun and very theraputic my darlings.....so dare to wear!
Mulain x

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